Where Binge-watching Comes Cheap

Although the video streaming service Netflix is available in over 190 countries, many markets are still underdeveloped. To further push acceptance in African countries, the streaming giant recently announced a free version of its app for Android users in Kenya to test the waters there and branch out from oversaturated markets like the U.S. and Europe. The pricing model…

mobile advertising

Mobile Advertising and Mobile Marketing in Global

Mobile marketing encompasses a broad range of advertising activities that use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as marketing platforms. Depending on the product or service, mobile marketing initiatives employ different delivery channels from SMS messaging to in-app advertising. To successfully customize content offers, marketers also make use of mobile technology features such as…

Telecommunications industry

Telecommunications industry in Indonesia

The Indonesian telecommunications industry is among the fastest developing in Asia, with a market value reaching into billions of U.S. dollars. The industry encompasses mobile and fixed broadband subscriptions, as well as mobile phone services. As Indonesian consumers transition to an age dominated by digitalization, the telecommunications industry is expected to grow and transform rapidly.…